IVSTEL develops telecommunication solutions and provides 24×7 support and professional services for Telcos, Internet Service Providers and partners.

We are based in Sydney with a focus on Australia and New Zealand.

Our business success is based on sound technical products and our product direction is driven by the demands of our customers.

Our major software products are called NICE, ADAPTIV and NOVASIP which are used to bill, control and monitor telephone calls on multiple switches with millions of central accounts connecting billions of minutes.

IVSTEL started in 1999 developing LCR and IVR telecommunication software for the Cisco Summa Four switch for Onetel and providing installation and 24×7 support for the Optus and Telstra Summa Four systems.

Development of NOVA began in 2002 for the Lucent Excel programmable switch (now Dialogic) and later for the Telco Bridges platform. In recent years, IVSTEL has developed NOVASIP, a virtualized software only SIP version of NOVA. NOVASIP provides enhanced Prepaid and Postpaid services for Calling Card, Wholesale, Least Cost Routing, 1300 Virtual Number platform while allowing our customers to develop their own unique applications using the IVSTEL VXML interpreter. In 2017 Australia’s largest calling card company successfully migrated from NOVA to NOVASIP.

In 2006, IVSTEL created a joint venture company (Konak Solutions Pty Ltd) to develop billing solutions for the SIP environment. In 2017 IVSTEL acquired 100% of Konak and released the billing and provisioning products tailored for Metaswitch: NICE (Metaswitch Billing), CONNECT (Metaswitch Provisioning), SERVICO (Metaswitch LNP), PROVES (Metaswitch API).

Development of ADAPTIV started in 2009 for the next generation SBC SIP switches and provides least cost routing, analytics and early detection of poor performance and fraud in complex carrier billing environments of constantly changing rates.

In 2012, IVSTEL became a reseller of Metaswitch. We liked Metaswitch for their Service Assurance Server (SAS), a comprehensive integrated tool for SIP diagnostics of recent calls, and because they provided the complete Telco package; from SBC to Softswitch, from Hosted PBX to Voicemail, from dedicated hardware to virtualisation. We also had immediate and ongoing success at showing the Metaswitch advantage to potential customers and as a result have invested heavily in our staff development, Metaswitch Lab and developed software to add value to the Metaswitch system in the areas of billing, provisioning, local number portability, IPND, least cost routing, traffic monitoring and analytics.

Core to IVSTEL is providing our customers with 24x7x365 support for the systems and products we supply.