Adaptiv is available for METASWITCH and ACME PACKET and GENBAND SBC products.

ADAPTIV is a product developed by IVSTEL for Telcos to simplify complex Least Cost Routing (LCR)  of your Session Border Controller (SBC) , Soft Switch or Redirect Server and actively monitor your SIP traffic.Adaptiv can also manage the routing of multiple SBC’s, even from different vendors, to provide a holistic system as if it were a single SBC.

Adaptiv can collect and normalise multiple Call Detail Records (CDR) into a single CDR for presentation to a billing system such as NICE2BILLING.

Adaptiv allows easy importing of customer and carrier rate sheets which are used by Adaptiv to automatically generate high availability (HA) internal ENUM route tables to provide Least Cost Routing (LCR), Multi-layered LCR, Precedence Override , Lossless LCR and Local Number Portability (LNP) with very fast route updates and no real limitation on route table size, removing the need to load routes into the actual SBC.

Adaptiv allows you to set thresholds  with real time analyses of Call Detail Records to provide early detection of errors and fraud with QOS monitoring to detect poor performance in complex carrier billing environments of constantly changing rates.

With its Web based browser, Adaptiv supports any number of operators, engineers or managers providing them with tools to manage and overview operations with powerful graphs and the ability to drill down to any individual call.

Adaptiv features Analytics, a fast reporting module for business and network managers based on a Multi-Dimensional OLAP Database model that generates responses in seconds to complex business and network queries that span years of data.