Whereas in the past, the IVSTEL Nova Calling card product supported ISDN, SS7 and SIP, these days only SIP is required.

NOVASIP is a software version of the Nova SIP Calling Card Platform done completely in software (you only need a server, either bare metal or cloud).

Australia’s largest Calling Card companies have used Nova for over a decade to deliver billions of minutes of voice traffic per year.

Nova allows a Service Provider to quickly set up a Pre-Paid Calling Card and Least Cost Routing (LCR) service and offer low cost international calls to customers.

The Service Provider can either sell Calling Cards to the end user directly or use Nova to support re-sellers (Virtual Network Operators) who sell their branded cards to end users.

Nova also provides other enhanced services such as Single Stage Dialling, Callback, 1300 Virtual Number, Pre-select, Override and Wholesale Least Cost Routing.

In addition, Nova allows new IVR services to be programmed by the owner using the internal VXML programming language with powerful extensions to access external applications and databases.

Nova provides at it core a Central Real Time Prepaid Billing System, an unlimited number of Java based Operator Consoles for the help desk, replicated SQL databases to provide a scalable and a geographically dispersed system built on a Linux platform.

Nova can run on a single Unix or Linux server and its distributed architecture allows its various functions to be spread over more than one server as your central site grows.

The Nova system is scalable by adding new servers or remote sites to form a Multi Node Nova System with a central database.