IVSTEL is an Australian Channel Partner of Metaswitch Networks which is a UK-based company that designs and manufactures telecommunications software and hardware for telephone service providers and large enterprises. Metaswitch was acquired by Microsoft in 2020.

In the highly competitive business communications market, network operators must deliver high quality, security and reliability. Metaswitch with its business application server, Perimeta SBC, partner devices and with the IVSTEL value added software of NICE (Metaswitch Billing), CONNECT (Metaswitch Provisioning), SERVICO (Metaswitch LNP), PROVES (Metaswitch API) and ADAPTIV Analytics delivers a well integrated and fully supported solution. This assures carrier-grade reliability in highly versatile deployment options, including Virtualisation architecture and the flexibility to address small to large deployments, easily and cost-effectively.

Maintaining customer loyalty is rooted in the rapid resolution of inter-working issues, quality problems, and outages. The Metaswitch Service Assurance Server (SAS) is a comprehensive integrated tool for VoIP diagnostics and analytics. SAS keeps detailed traces of all recent customer calls that enable your technicians to quickly see the actual customer complaint as well as diagnose many common configuration, network, and interoperability problems, saving you time and optimising customer support. SAS also tracks all information related to the user endpoint and interfaces, including registrations and accession interaction. Network managers can easily use SAS and Adaptiv to monitor global end-to-end call quality, set key performance indicators and quickly identify potential problem areas with point-and-click drill-down.

The quality of experience extends to your end-users as they will enjoy a high-quality solution with easy setup and intuitive user interfaces across phone, Web and mobile devices to maximise product utilisation and satisfaction while minimising post-sales support. The Metaswitch Unified Communications experience is built for quality – optimising voice and video while reducing battery-drain on mobile devices.